Intraclass Correlations

The purpose of this app is to provide an interactive and educational way of understanding the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC), as well as show the limitations of traditional null hypothesis testing and p values.

Multiverse Analysis

This app shows how different choices in constructing the data leads to different analysis results.

Simulating Statistical Power

This app illustrates the concept of statistical power by simulation. It is based on a student app developed at the 2018 TquanT seminar in Glasgow.

Excess of Success

This app illustrates how to test for too many successful replications in a series of replication studies.

Selection Decisions

This app illustrates the effects of several factors on the validity of selection decisions, and how these factors influence each other.

IRT Tutorial

This learnr tutorial is based on a tutorial developed by students at the TquanT 2018 Seminar in Glasgow.


This app illustrates the effect of violations of assumptions for the F distribution.

Generalizability of Fit

An illustration of the concept of generalizability of a fitted statistical model.


An app on power calculation for the ANOVA F test.