As most cities Glasgow has a bus network, a simple subway with circular lines, trains, and taxis.

Unfortunately, the airports are not well connected and you have to use either bus, train or taxi.

Airports connections are:

  • Glasgow International Airport (Airport Express bus takes you into the city center (Central Station), there you need to take the subway, bus or taxi. A taxi from the airport to the Hostel is about £20-25.
  • Edinburgh Airport (ca 1h by bus Citylink Air from Edi Airport to Buchanan bus station Glasgow, walk to subway (Buchanan St) or take local bus, taxi to Westend, SYHA Hostel,  about 15 min). A taxi from Edi Airport would be too expensive.
  • Prestwick Airport (ca 45 min by train to Glasgow Central station, take taxi, subway to Hillhead St, walk to Hostel). A taxi from Prestwick Airport would be too expensive.